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APT TOUCH SDN. BHD. is a technology based start-up that focuses on retrofitting technologies, which can improve our daily energy consumptions and at the same time conserving the environment.  We believe in the concept of employing engineering knowledge to propagate the earth sustainability. Improving energy utilization and reducing the air pollutions are among the precursors for safeguarding the earth for future generations. Our presence today will link the prowess of engineering and technology knowledge with the empowerment of the people and preservation of the environment.

FuelGainKit (FGK) is Apt Touch pioneering technological solution for small gasoline fuelled motorcycles. With 120 millions carburetted motorcycles in use worldwide and the ever increasing fuel prices, low and medium-income users urgently need an affordable solution towards lower daily fuel expenses. Moreover, the public are exposed to lung cancer risk and the environment is susceptible to damage by the emissions from these carburetted engines.

Apt Touch exists to touch people’s life by:

  1. Providing technologies that can reduce the burden of increasing fuel prices
  2. Making each one of us a contributor to a better earth to live in, for ourselves and the future generations

This philosophy is the key to our commitment in creating a better life for mankind, and our products clearly reflect this philosophy.


Apt Touch

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