Our retrofit EFI system comes with two different ECU models:

1. ECU for 4-stroke engines

2. ECU for 2-stroke engines

For customers outside Malaysia, please use the above purchase page. Alternatively you can fill in your details and request in this form: http://bit.ly/FGK-OrderForm

We can offer attractive package to interested dealers.

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For customers from Malaysia, please fill in this Order Form to assist us in serving your requests: http://bit.ly/FGK2018Sales or sms/whatsapp: +60167214542

We also provide customised electronic fuel injection (EFI) system solutions. Please contact us at +60167214542 (sms/WhatsApp/Telegram) or email us at fgk4sale@gmail.com for further details.



Installation instructions and guide on using the tuning software are also available on this website.


Each FGK Set comes with:

  1. Intake manifold and injector cap
  2. Throttle body
  3. Fuel injector
  4. Fuel pump with inline fuel pump housing
  5. Fuel hoses
  6. Tuneable ECU
  7. IGNITUS – the ECU tuning software
  8. ECU adapter for tuning
  9. Wiring harness – for ECU and the existing electronics
  10. Mechanical fittings