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The number of small engine usage is huge, with 120 millions being used worldwide. With the continuous increase in fuel prices, small-engine transportation especially motorcycles is becoming more and more popular. However, most small engines are using carburettors as the fuel delivery system, which is well known for its low- operating efficiency, high fuel consumption and high level of hazardous emissions. This also results in various health problems related to air pollution.

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FGK is a retrofit electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, which provides a solution towards lower daily fuel expenses. It also comes with a tuneable ECU, enabling the users to customise their ECU according to their needs and demands. Other similar fuel injection kits available in the market are too expensive, whereas most other fuel-saving devices using approaches such as fuel additives, magnets and electronic devices are reported to be ineffective or not as effective as claimed by the manufacturers.

What we need is a solution that is COST EFFECTIVE.



Our product, FuelGainKit (FGK), currently suitable for 100 – 150cc engines, will replace your existing carburettor with a low-cost fuel injection system and can provide up to 34% improvement in fuel economy with better power delivery.

FGK replaces carburetor


The kit consists of a throttle body and fuel injection system with specially designed intake manifold and an electronic control unit (ECU) module.  The amount of fuel injected is carefully calculated and controlled by the ECU developed by our very own experts.

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FGK uses a similar electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology employing the open-loop control strategies (i.e. without the oxygen sensor) as other commercially available EFI kits available in the market.  Therefore, the performance of FGK is similar but available at lower costs. We also already have the closed-loop EFI version, ready for purchase.


The technological strength of the product compared to its competitors lies on the following unique factors:

  1. Simplicity – manifested by quick installation method (within 1 hour) and simple functionality to produce positive results in fuel economy and emissions.
  2. Basic technology – this allows for ease of use and maintenance in addition to lower manufacturing cost.
  3. Easily available parts – about 70% of the product is sourced from currently available products in the market allowing quick purchases to replenish stock on demand basis.
  4. Easily customized – the product can customized to fit specific engine specifications, requirements and targeted performances for small engines. It also comes with a tuneable ECU that allows users to customise the ECU’s fuel map.
  5. Endorsement – the product has been tested by SIRIM and abides the selected standards on emissions level and vibration integrity.
  6. Local experts – availability of local expertise ranging from designing, developing, assembling and servicing the product. This product is 100% made in Malaysia.

FGK as a retrofit EFI will not only benefit individual users, it is also suitable for original engines or motorcycles manufacturer and assembler that wish to embark on EFI technology for their models line-ups.

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