IGNITUS 16K – Firmware Update Guide

This guide is for the current IGNITUS 16K users.


  1. All FGK users are recommended to update their ECU firmware to the latest version published by Apt Touch Sdn Bhd.
  2. To perform this update, please download the latest IGNITUS16k v1.1 which is available at http://www.fuelgainkit.com/
  3. Latest firmware filename for 4T motorcycle engine: 2-30BCA979305FD8552A07BC2D668608D0-FGK_16k_v1.1.hex
  4. The maps inside the ECU may change after firmware update. Hence, it is essential for user to backup/save their custom map to their computer hard drive before the update. Refer to the steps below.

To update the firmware, please follow the steps below:

  1. Update IGNITUS16k to latest version, v1.1.
  2. Connect ECU to IGNITUS16k.
  3. (IMPORTANT!) Go to ‘Tune Map’ tab. Then, backup/save all four maps from the ECU (Fuel, Timing, Deadtime & Flow) to the computer using the ‘Backup’ function. *If default maps are used, user don’t need to backup them.
  4. Navigate to ‘Control Unit’ menu & choose ‘Upload Firmware’
  5. In the upload window, choose port and browse for the firmware file. Then, press ‘Upload’
    • *The firmware file can be found in folder name ‘Firmware’ in IGNITUS16k installation directory.
    • *For example (default directory)<> C:\Program Files (x86)\Apt Touch Sdn Bhd\Ignitus16k\Firmware
    • *Use the latest firmware file name, please see the announcement at the top.
    • *If the update is successful, user will be prompted with a small window saying “Firmware successfully updated!”.
  6. Reconnect ECU to IGNITUS16k.
  7. Load the backup maps earlier (Fuel, Timing, Deadtime & flow) from the computer and upload it one by one into the ECU by using the ‘Load Map from File’ function for each map.

Note: The update will finish in a few seconds. The ECU can be continued to used normally after the update. For more information, please refer to IGNITUS16k manual which is available at http://www.fuelgainkit.com