Unlike other fuel-saving devices available in the market that are reported to be ineffective or not as effective as claimed by the manufacturers, such as those using fuel and oil additives, magnets and simple plug-in electronic devices, FGK is supported by a strong fundamental principle of thermofluid, where a correct supply of fuel and oxidant will result in better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust emission.


This concept is introduced through the fuel injection process, which also results in a better power delivery.

In short, FGK provides an affordable and effective way to achieve

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Better power delivery
  • Cleaner exhaust emission


  1. Fuel economy improvement (up to 34%)
  2. Fuel cost reduction (up to 25%)
  3. Cleaner exhaust emission
  4. Better power delivery


The FGK’s ECU is tuneable and users can change the fuel maps either for fuel economy or for performance. This ECU tuning is done using our own developed IGNITUS tuning software.